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QEC Romania is the Romanian representative of Quality & Environmental Certification Ltd., an UK based organization, whcih operates worldwide, through its representatives networks (click here for more information).

Legally registered company in Romania, as QEC representative is StarCert S.R.L., a private organization which performs ISO 9000 registration services since 2001, under the strict supervision of the UK headoffice. We were able to impose our style against other local registrars due to profesionalism and seriousness we promoted and will promote in the future, also because of competence and devotion of our auditors, in supporting of our clients in their quest.

QEC's policy, also the policy of its representatives is to offer registration services for quality management systems based on ISO 9001:2008 standard for a wide range of industries, as long as there exist needed accreditation, supplying them with needed knowledge and judgement; this way a special value is added to relation with its clients.


Registration scheme under which QEC and its representative is operating is a model system, which comply with requirements set in Guide 62/EN 45012 and is accredited by United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).

To achieve established goals, entire QEC personnel, including the representatives personnel sustain, operate and promote the quality management system and existing registration scheme, suggesting those needed improvements related to offered services.

Acting as an united team, we assure us that requirements of our clients will be meet. Thus, we are heading to be recognized by this industry as a preffered supplier and a market leader, succesfully competing with other registrars; this aspect gives us the opportunity to believe in a long term relation with our clients, with significat and reciprocal benefits for all of us.

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