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In order to forward you our offer for registration, we need you to fill up the following form and send to us. If you wish, you can download printed version, which can be found here. The form wil be sent by fax at +40 268 416.383. Red fields are mandatory.

If you wish to transfer from another registration body, please include in section 12 the name of registrar and number and expiring date of certificare.


1. Information about you and the company:
Your first name:           Last name:
Occupation:             Organization: 
Main activities of your organization:

Address of main office:

City:                County:
Zip code:                              Country:
Phone:      Fax:      E-mail:
URL (if exist):
2. Details regarding quality system:
Name of management representative:
Structure of dept./compartments and employees (covered by Quality Management System):
Compartment/Department (e.g. Purchasing, Production, etc.):                                                             Employees:
                                                                                                                                 Total employees:
3. This section is intended only for companies which operates in multiple locations.
Enter on each row details regarding each location, excluding the main office.
Location address and city:                                                                                                                   Employees:
                                               Locations number (leave unchanged if there is only main office):      
4. Applicable standard(s):
     ISO 9001:2008          Yes No
     ISO 14001:2004        Yes No
     OHSAS 18001:1996 Yes No
     HACCP                      Yes No
5. Main products or services supplied by organization:
6. Main material used in processes:
7. Scope of quality management system:

The use of the Accreditation Mark indicates accreditation in respect of
those activities covered by the accreditation certificate number 077
8. Does your company conduct any activities on client's side?   Yes No
If the answer is Yes, please provide details regarding these activities:
9. Are there any exclusion for clause 7 of ISO 9001:2008?   Yes No
If the answer is Yes, please mention them and how they are justified:
10. Which of the following does exist?
     Quality manual
     Procedures & identified processes
     Work instruction(s)
     Controlled documentation
     Internal audit
     Management review
11. We are ready for registration   NOW, or by date
12. Please include here any other revelant information you consider:
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