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This section gives you information regarding certification process. For more information, please feel free to contact us.


Registration stages

1. Application for registration

It is necessary to supply us information regarding your organization, so that to be able to forward you a fair quotation. Needed information are related to products or services your organisation is supplying to clients, production locations, number of employees involved in quality management system, etc. You can use the form which can be found in section Application.

2. Application review
Upon receiving of application we review it, to determine if there exist needed abilities and experience to perform registration on ISO 9001:2008 and other standards, for requested industry. Please do not understand that we don't have the suitable auditors... The analyse is made in order to determine if QEC has the accreditation for requested industry (for example, at this moment we do not have accreditation for nuclear industry).

3. Our answer regarding your application
Our first decision is related to our capability of satisfying your request, based on supplied information. If we have the capability, you will receive from us a quotation which includes all necessary details; quotation is valid for 90 days, under the requirements set in Guide 62/EN 45012 (the size of company, main processes, reduction or increases of on-site audit, etc.). Quotation is annexed to draft contract. We shall kindly ask you to review the documents, and if they are acceptable, then you'll have to sign and return them to us. Any discrepancies related to these documents will be properly solved prior to your approval.

If we concluded that we don't have needed capability to perform the registration, we shall inform you about that, with the regret that your request was beyond our power.

4. QMS documentation review
Documentation of your Quality Management System must be sent to us, either electronically or in printed format. Documentation we require consist in Quality Manual and all existing procedures. If needed, we may ask for other documents.

We shall perform a review of documentation, to determine if complies with ISO 9001:2008 requirements. If there are any nonconformances, we shall advice you properly, prior to on-site audit, so that to be able to solve them.

5. Pre-auditing
Basically, completely free of charge, we perform an audit prior to official certification audit. The purpose of this audit is to determine if there are any areas that might give reasons of concern during certification audit. Usually, this pre-assessment lasts for one day, being adapted to company's specifics. Please note that a good result during pre-assessment doesn't imply that during certification audit no nonconformance will be found. Pre-assessment is intended as a more general investigation of the company, using smaller samples; auditors will inform you regarding any danger that may exists.

Please do not wrongly interpret the role of pre-assessment. Auditors does not have permission to provide consultancy to you, in order to solve discovered problems.

6. Assessment
For this stage we prepare the Audit Plan, which will be sent to you, in order to inform you regarding assessment details, such as timetable, areas, auditors deployment, etc. Your observation regarding audit plan will be analysed, so that the certification audit to reach its objectives.

We saw auditee's reactions during audits and we understand them very well. What you'll have to note is that QEC auditors are not policeman, nor inquisitors, nor representatives of control state owned institutions. They are just people who wish you improve company's performance, by signaling nonconformances which exist within quality management system, based on their experience and abilities. Every time is needed, we ask technical experts to assist us, so that to reach audit objectives.

7. Nonconformances
It's possible that things to be not so good as we or you would expect. In this situation, without any hesitation, we shall issue nonconformances reports. They will formally signal you what are those deficiencies found during audit. Such situation may occur when the quality management system does not comply with ISO 9001:2008 requirements.

Auditors will inform you the ways in which you can still get the ISO 9000 registration.

Even if no noncoformances were found this doesn't mean that they don't exist. Auditing is made by sampling the quality management system. It's the role of internal auditing process to reveal those nonconformances.

If no nonconformance was found during initial assessment, auditors will be more than happy to recommend the registration of your organization, based on ISO 9001:2008 standard.

What really differentiate us for other registrars is that for us is not important the number of nonconformances, but their effects. We don't have rules like " if more than 5 nonconformances are found, registration is declined". It's very possible to exist more than 5 nonconformances, and still to get the certificate, without major reasons that quality management system doesn't comply to standard.

8. Audit report and review of documentation, by QEC headoffice
After the completion of certification assessment, auditor issue the Audit Report, which includes all elements found during the audit. The report is forwarded for review to QEC Assessment Board; the objective of review is to confirm that the audit was performed correctly and auditor's recommendation is valid.

9. Issue of certificate
CONGRATULATION! You've got ISO 9000 registration.

QEC Ltd. issues the certificate for your organization. Officially, registration process is ended here, after that coming the phase of maintaining of registration. The certificate is valid for 3 years, under the results of surveillance audits.

Along with giving of certificate, you will be informed regarding the regulations for use of certificate, also regarding the frequency and duration of surveillance audits. By the way, we didn't tell you yet?! We do not charge you what is called the fee for use of certificate - we don't believe that the certificate, which is after all a piece of paper may costs you 100€ or 300€ or other amount per year.

10. Surveillance audits
Surveillance audits purpose is to prove that your organization is complying to ISO 9001:2008 requirements. This is one of those many possibilities by which your organization is improving the operations. Normally, improvement should be endlessly, because there are many opportunities for improvements. We shall be glad if no nonconformances will not be found during these audits, but we shall not hide any of them if they really exist. Let's not forget that one of fundamental principle in auditing is the truthfully and complete reporting of elements found during audits.

11. Reassessment
As you already know, the certificate is valid for a cycle of 3 years. Upon expiring, a full reevaluation of quality management system is made, including also the review of previous reports of surveillance audits, nonconformances, audit summaries, evolution of company's performance, etc.

12. Cycle continuation
Continuation of surveillances and reassessments cycles, as long as you wish.

If we convinced you regarding our professionalism or at least we got your attention, use this link to send us your intention regarding registration to ISO 9000.
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